Don’t Let The World Blow Out Your Candle: Keep It Shining

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Sometimes life can be overwhelming and our own minds race around and can drive us crazy!

A few years ago, I was out of control with anxieties and the forecast for my future had taken a few big turns, ones that I thought were wrong directions. I needed to alter this ASAP and find a solution for my own well being and others around me.

I worked downtown my entire life as a Global Sales Manager for one of the biggest American companies in the world; I was good at it because I read people well, planned well and did what had to be done to get the numbers in.

One day I woke up and realized that I was indeed that same person. It may be quite a different world today, but I could use the same intricacies that I relate to so well and start to forecast again.

At first it was daunting; generating demanding approaches, building out models and deploying both measurable and conceptual practices that were common in my corporate world. I really focused and wanted to apply this from a non business perspective now. This time I was the customer and was thinking about what I needed.

So, how was I to ensure and optimize forecasting accuracy so I could create a life I wanted, uncover anomalies, improve surroundings and make pivotal choices?

I had to change my environment. I had to find a way to keep my candle burning brighter than before.

Besides eating well and ensuring great physical activity at all times, I added 3 instrumental effects to my everyday life.

A Magical Instrument: The Tibetan Singing bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are a type of bell that vibrate and produce a rich, deep tone when played. You can strike the bowl with the mallet or move the mallet in a circular motion around the outside edge or rim.

When I went to my favorite mindfulness center and tried it myself for the first time, I heard the most beautiful dinging, smooth and very pure sounding circular tone that stopped me in my tracks. Research shows that these bowls promote relaxation, complete stillness and powerful healing. They are also great gifts I might add!

A Different Kind of Book List

The first thing I did when I decided to take action with the new direction of my life was to purchase books and read, read, read!

I have many books on positivity, breathing, kindness and just like in my forecasting days, books on the power of visualization and success. I have learned to breathe, meditate and picture myself succeeding; all that are extremely beneficial and effective when used properly. I have mini books I carry around and often I open a page at any given time to remind me of the power my own mind has to change a moment.

Meditation Apps

I needed help to make meditation easy and intensive so I tried a bunch of apps on my phone and started using them in the mornings as I woke up, and at night before bed to calm my brain activity. This allows me to start or end my day in a much more peaceful way.

It is so easy. There is proof these apps help: cortisol (measurement of immune and metabolism responses) levels are reduced, as well as blood pressures. They have helped me learn to practice acceptance which is such an important way of being more open and tolerant of the way things are. This has led to wonderful, authentic social connections where I am saying “yes” in a gentle voice more often and maintaining more of an open mind. If I don’t have much time, I can find mini meditations and calm myself for 5 minutes. My next goal is use these apps to really work hard on memory retention and resting my brain more.

Please read my earlier sentence again about the “wrong direction”? I have concluded that there isn’t a “wrong direction”.

Gain access and enhance your daily behaviours. Most of the time, the reasons for our presumed failure are unwelcome situations. I have learned that I may not have control over the situation but the best thing that I can do is to fine-tune my tactics a bit and perhaps change the direction.

Set your intentions, get results and choose happy!

As Bruce Springsteen sings, “this little light of mine, yeah I’m gonna let it shine…every day (every day), every day…..