Human Connections and COVID

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How have you experienced COVID? What are you learning? Whats happening with your friends and in your community?

My previous blogs emphasize how strongly I feel about learning stuff, even if it’s as a result of a painful or stressful situation. The reality is, there are some valuable lessons in life that we are only taught through hard times. These can, however, develop into the silver lining of the clouds with some basic daily habits.

March, April and May (YES… 3 months now) have made me realize how important my friends are and that the human connection is vital! It doesn’t matter if it happens the new way, virtually, or the good old fashioned way, in person.

I first went on a social distancing walk with a friend a few weeks ago. I started the walk feeling a bit lethargic, forcing myself to get up and go. This quickly transformed into a walk with an extra bounce in my step with a mindful and purposeful distraction to what was happening in my world. I felt great after the walk and chat. I felt connected again with someone. We shared stories and that was all it took… we realized that the COVID frustration, anxiety and uncertainty about the future was not just in our own heads. It is, in fact, a common theme amongst all of us and knowing and feeling that we are not alone really, really, really helped.

I’ve since increased my social distancing walks and I continue to come home feeling more refreshed and happier, full of more invigorating moments, resulting in more productive days.

I’ve been reading a lot; The National Medical association did a study in 2009:

“Relationships—including brief positive moments of connection—are vital for our emotional and physical health, well-being, and how we experience our lives.” If we discuss the challenging aspects of life with a caring and sympathetic friend, we can actually reduce our pulse and blood pressure!

Human Connection can add positive moments to your daily routine. I recently spoke to my friend, Pete Bombaci, creator of , about how he is building a human connection movement whose mission is to make the world a happier and healthier place by reminding people about the importance of social connection and inspiring them to take action.

“Family, friends and neighbours have a myriad of benefits, such as increased feelings of belonging, purpose, increased levels of happiness, reduced levels of stress, improved self-worth and confidence.”

Whether you are looking to do something with family, friends or co-workers, there are lots of activities to organize and do!

Ideas To Increase Your Human Connection

  • Create weekly video conferences/Webinars; seeing people makes such a difference and nurtures the soul
  • Share a video meditation or do an online video workout
  • Read and listen to books using an e-tool and setup the sharing option to do it with others
  • Offer up your kindness and generosity and become part of something larger than yourself. Volunteer, help a neighbour help, donate blood and give some wonderful life connections to others.
  • Smile when you walk by someone to open your heart, help feel more interconnected and spread lots of goodwill
  • Book an event for your co-workers, your book club or have a fun virtual family reunion using Sport & Social Club’s fun event offerings including Bingo, Trivia, Escape Room, Scavenger Hunts and more…
  • Play online poker, do a multiplayer online jigsaw puzzle, cooking class with groups, sing with a web karaoke group
  • Challenge your friends living across the globe to a sourdough starter competition   😉
  • Create a neighbourhood Facebook group or online google group to share local community activities and news; Social media expert Katie Yeomans says online groups are a great way to bring neighbourhoods closer. “These groups are bringing back that mentality of you should be close with your neighbours and you should know who lives near you and you should look out for each other,”
  • Reflect and use kind, loving words and phrases towards others and out to the world in general. This immediately creates positive habits for yourself and you will feel more connected to others; “may you be happy”, “may you be well”,

I am grateful for these months that have had such a huge impact on my life. They have taught me the importance of my human connections and the peace, support, understanding and happiness the newly appreciated friendships have brought to my soul.

Make a positive difference in your community and support yourself and help others by reaching out to them today and say “HI, how are you doing?” Let them know you care about them and that they are indeed missed, noticed and needed.

I am a firm believer in what the GenWell Projects advocates: get prepared and set yourself up for life and be ready for the human connection to work well for you before you find yourself in the next challenging time!